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I’m Lindsay, the cook and photographer behind the scenes!  I’d love to introduce you to myself and my site.

Lindsay, Starfish in the Kitchen

I have a lifelong passion for cooking

I have loved cooking even before I could do it. While most kids were watching cartoons, I was watching Julia Child, Lidia Bastianich of Lidia’s Italy, and Martin Yan of Yan can Cook. As a teen, for Christmas I wanted an immersion blender (that I still have!). Those shows, and later those of the food network, and the late, great Anthony Bourdain, opened my eyes to new foods, new cultures, and new possibilities.

My entire life I have loved cooking, baking, entertaining – and eating! 

What kind of food do you make?

Is “all” an appropriate answer? I love so many kinds of cuisines and love experimenting. So, anything goes from Japanese flavors (did I happen to mention I’m also a Japanophile?) to French techniques and all made with keto ingredients! I like to keep it interesting and I find inspiration everywhere!  

Why the focus on sugar-free, low carb and keto recipes?

My love of food is strong – and I show my love through food.  While you can’t have too much love, apparently you can have too much food!  Ultimately, my husband and I needed to lose some weight. We needed a lifestyle change – a new way of eating! Keto worked for us for weight loss and also some issues health related to inflammation.  Overall, we feel better and we are healthier without the extra sugar.

Where does the name Starfish in the Kitchen come from?

My husband and I have a woodworking business called Starfish & Whale. My blog started out there as a way to showcase cutting boards and serving boards. Slowly, the blog began to grow and need its own space – so now I’m here at Starfish in the Kitchen!

What’s so special about Starfish?

I’m passionate about all things nautical, the ocean itself, nautical style, all things blue, turquoise, coral, and yes, starfish!

I love the form of starfish (and yes, I know they’re sea stars and not fish!). I often feel like a starfish in the kitchen, somehow with five arms reaching into the pantry, fridge, microwave and oven all at the same time! Doesn’t meal prep just get like that sometimes? Ha!

I often feel like a starfish in the kitchen, somehow with five arms reaching into the pantry, fridge, microwave and oven all at the same time!

I LOVE the symbol of the starfish and its resiliency. If you cut off the arm of a starfish, it will grow back! In fact, it’s said that fishermen who were competing with starfish for mollusks (yes, starfish also have great taste!) would cut up the starfish in an effort to try to get rid of them. Little did they know that the pieces would grow into new starfish ! So, when you try to destroy starfish, they only come back stronger – isn’t that a wonderful metaphor of what we all strive to be?

So, here I am, a starfish in the kitchen, ready to share my love for food!

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I’ll see you in the kitchen!